Acura ILX “Airport” and “Office” Commercials

2013 Acura ILX Commercials
2013 Acura ILX Commercials

Targeting a younger generation of potential ILX buyers, Acura has created a pair of clever, split screen commercials to portray the “duality of a typical Gen Y lifestyle”.

“Featuring notable tunes from The Ting Tings and Nick Waterhouse, the two TV and in-theater ads utilize a split screen portraying synchronized Gen Yers simultaneously building their careers and social lives, winding through airports and corporate offices on one side and navigating upscale resorts and nightclubs on the other. In each ad,’Airport‘ and ‘Office‘ the character ends the journey in the driver’s seat of an ILX. ‘Life should be equal parts responsibility and fun,’ says the voice-over. ‘Introducing the new Acura ILX. Move up. Without settling down.'” Click here for the full press release from Acura.

Looking for the song titles featured in the two ads? Hit Me Down Sonny by The Ting Tings is heard in “Office”, and Say I wanna Know by Nick Waterhouse is heard in the “Airport” commercial.

The ads are set to make their on-air TV debut June 4th, but you can watch them below via YouTube.

[Source: Acura via YouTube]

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