Mischa’s Acura TSX Conversion in Germany

Mischa's European Accord TSX

Mischa’s European Accord TSX Conversion

Conversions are nothing new here in North America, we’ve been swapping in JDM Honda parts onto Acuras since the early nineties. It’s not uncommon to see Acuras with their emblems, grilles and lights changed to look more like their counterparts in Japan.

While some second generation TSX owners look to alter the “shield” grille by painting it, others may go the JDM route and install the more conservative grille found on the Japanese/European Accord.

In a rare case found in the homeland of BMW, Audi and Mercedes, Accord owner Mischa decided to go the opposite way and convert his Honda with Acura style. Swapping the Honda grille with an Acura one might surprise a few who are “anti-shield”, I guess we can say that the grass is always greener?

With the OEM Honda kit already installed on his 2.4L European Accord, Mischa added USDM outer tail lights, as well as a painted white Acura grille and red emblems. After a few wheel changes, the Accord TSX now rides on the popular Vossen VVS-CV3s.

It’s a unique and stylish build, and is probably one, if not the only Acura conversions in Germany. See the evolution of Mischa’s European Honda Accord/Acura TSX conversion in the gallery below.

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  1. Michael Adhi

    That bumper is quite good. A bit too aggressive, but would have been nice if Acura offer it as an option package… Especially one with the K23T.

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