Tyson’s Acura ILX Reaches Five

Tyson's Silver Moon Acura ILX

Tyson’s Silver Moon Acura ILX

Tyson’s brand new 2013 ILX reached five thousand miles, minuscule compared to the five hundred thousand his 1994 Acura Legend surpassed last year. Still, you’ve got to give him some credit, accumulating 5000 miles in about a month’s time is nothing to laugh at. I’m starting to wonder if Tyson ever gets out of his vehicle. Is the ILX that comfortable?

Tyson will soon put the ILX to the test as he heads out on a cross-country road trip to the National Acura Legend Meet(NALM) on July 26-28. The trip will take him approximately 3,706 miles round-trip from Phonix, Arizona to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Find out how the ILX holds up by following Tyson’s blog, Drive to Five.

I’ll leave you with some stunning photos of Tyson’s Silver Moon ILX reflecting sharply off the watery pavement after an Arizona thunderstorm. Head over to Drive to Five for more.

[Source: Drive to Five]


3 comments on “Tyson’s Acura ILX Reaches Five

  1. Tyson

    Can’t wait for next week’s road trip! And YES, it is a pretty comfortable ride. Believe it or not, I do spend some time OUTSIDE the driver’s seat once in awhile. Just doing my part to ‘durability test’ Acura’s latest offering and see if it’s got the same long term utility as that trust old 515k Legend :). Thanks for posting the pics, Chris!

  2. Eugene

    My new ILX has 5700 km on it, and I could not be happier with this vehicle. It gets better mileage than they advertise, is very quiet and it is fun to drive. I’ve owned Civics, Accords and Nissans.. for the money this car is about the best I’ve purchased. Hope you enjoy the long drive. My farm is six hours from the city and I’ve been on two trips there, enjoyed the highway as much as city driving.

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