Flashback Friday: An Acura NSX in Italy

When the NSX debuted in 1990 it took the world by storm. With claims to over 20 industry firsts, not only did it showcase the power of Honda’s innovation and technology, it was also monumental in paving the way to Acura’s success in North America.

In Europe it forced Italian and German engineers to take notice, because all of a sudden models like the Ferrari 328 and the Porsche 911 had huge targets on their rear ends.

In this Flashback Friday we take a look at a classic ad that puts an Acura NSX in Italy. The Acura brand of course was never sold in Italy, but in the early nineties news of the Ferrari-fighting Honda NSX had started to circulate.

An Italian father sees his son’s beautiful red mid-engined sports car and naturally assumes it must be the newest stallion from Maranello. “Ferrari?” he asks, “No papa, Acura!” his son replies.

The voice-over continues,”Welcome to new world thinking. Aluminum body, chassis and mid-ship engine. Hand crafted. The NSX, from Acura.”

See the 1991 Acura NSX commercial below:

3 comments on “Flashback Friday: An Acura NSX in Italy

  1. jeff

    I was producing an Acura Canada Dealer Incentive trip to Italy in September 1991. We brought the Dealers and their spouses to the village the commercial was shot in just north of Rome. With the permission of the town village Mayor, we took over the main square, set up a small stage, and provided food and drink for anyone who wanted to join in the festivities. When the President of Honda Canada go up on stage and ran the commercial which used locals as extras we cued the red NSX from the commercial and the actor who drove it in the commercial drove into the square in front of the stage.


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