2012 Acura TL, TSX and MDX TV Commercials

The Acura TL: Cornering at Speeds that Will Drain the Blood from your Head

A recent television spot for the Acura TL mentions a quote from Autoweek that said “this thing will corner at speeds that will drain the blood from your head.” They obviously don’t mean that literally, but I would have to say that is probably the most interesting way I’ve heard someone describe the TL equipped with SH-AWD.

Along with the popular split-screen TV commercials for the ILX, Acura has also been running a set of ads for the rest of their vehicle lineup this summer. The spots have a similar look and feel; an Acura model drives aggressively though dark streets made up of movie props and obstacles while a voice over describes some of the vehicle’s unique features.

Acura doesn’t often mention or show competitor vehicles in their ads, but as you can see in the above screenshot they weren’t afraid to call out some names this time. In a less noticeable manner, the TSX spot features cardboard cutouts of its competitors flopping over as it drives by.

Check out the three television spots from advertising agency rp& below.

[Source:  via Vimeo]

4 comments on “2012 Acura TL, TSX and MDX TV Commercials

  1. Chris Brown

    It’s about time.
    I’ve always thought Honda/Acura needed to respond more aggressively to the competition.
    In todays world, it’s the arrogantly bold that get the attention. Justing sitting back while taking the punches and being the nice guys doesn’t cut it anymore. Acura has a great line up of cars, they can hold their own to any other car company out there. In the end it’s the driver behind the wheel that makes the real difference.

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