Rendered: Acura ILX Coupe

Acura ILX Coupe

Acura ILX Coupe: Hot or not? Acura’s newest sedan looks pretty sharp, but would it work as a coupe? You be the judge. After a little nip and tuck, I think the design could work quite nicely.

Should Acura develop a sporty 2-door alternative? What would you wish for in an ILX Coupe?

Click below for a high resolution image.

7 comments on “Rendered: Acura ILX Coupe

  1. Tommy

    yes please! that has better looking proportions than the rsx imo. I’ll take mine with a manual.

  2. Dillon

    I genuinely approve of this, as I myself have made countless ILX Coupe renderings since Day 1 of the auto show pictures. Bring it Acura, it will sell more then you expect and will make everyone including yourself happy.


  3. Brian H Mashburn

    Yes PLEASE times 1000! When will ACURA learn? I will place my order ASAP for a ILX coupe in the premium pkg in Crimson Garnet with Ebony with the 2.4 inline 4 and the 6 speed manual with the 17″ THA-S10 Alloy wheels, body side moulding, front and rear and side underbody spoilers, deck lid spoiler, door edge film, all-season protection package, cargo net and the illuminated door sill trim. I might even spring for the new ACURA prepaid service package that is good at any ACURA dealer nationwide that became available October 1, 2012. I can guarantee they would sell as many of these as they could produce and then some. Well I can dream cant I……..

  4. doug

    yes yes yes And make a type s or even type R version, even a turbo or supercharged version or better still put the V6 from the Cl type s in it. I’ll take 2.


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