Edwin’s Grigio Metallic 2009 Acura TSX

Edwin’s Grigio Metallic 2009 Acura TSX

Go back a few years to the start of Edwin’s progression thread on AcuraZine, and you’ll find some photos of one bone stock Grigio Metallic 2009 Acura TSX. Not that there is anything wrong with a stock TSX, but when you compare it to some of Edwin’s recent photos above, the TSX just looks so much sweeter after it’s personalized with style and attitude.

Today Edwin’s thread is over 28 pages long, and after following his progress for the past few months I’ve been eagerly awaiting some fresh new shots to share. These recent photos come after the arrival of the latest piece of the puzzle, a rear aero bumper to compliment the Accord Type S lip up front. Another mod that stands out on Edwin’s TSX is one of my favourite aftermarket grilles for the 09-10 models: the ATLP Grille. To me it’s a throwback to the 1st generation TSX grille, but still retains an angular “V” shape that outlines the modern Acura shield grille.

Thanks goes out to Edwin for sharing the great shots, looking forward to future updates.

Edwin’s mod list:

Forgestar CF10 19×9.5 • Megan Coilover • ATLP Grille • JDM Type S Lip Rep • Sport Aero Rear Bumper • Injen Intake • Magnaflow Exhaust  •  Cleared Headlights w/ Black Housing • HID fogs 6000k • HID headlight 6000k • DRL/high beam nokya artic white  •  LED Switchback Turn Signal • interior LEDs

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