Gallery: Acura China’s ILX 2.0L

Acura China's ILX 2.0L

Acura will introduce the ILX 2.0L to the Chinese market this fall, complementing the 1.5L hybrid which is the only ILX model currently being offered. Check out a few high quality photos of the new China-spec ILX 2.0L in the gallery above.

[Source: Acura China]

One comment on “Gallery: Acura China’s ILX 2.0L

  1. Reginald Lamb

    Way to go Acura! Blessing China with 2.0L ILX. I’ve had my ILX now for an year. I’ve enjoyed every minute and second of owning the ILX. The ride is smooth handling is superb and performance is fantastic. I love it and love the ILX. Great job well done Acura. China is going to love the 2.0L ILX. I know I have I’m a proud owner. Visit Google+ and see my ILX #ILX over at Google+ .

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