Rendered: Acura ILX Wagon

Acura ILX Wagon

This is the second time an Acura ILX Wagon has been rendered in less than a month’s time, maybe there really is a market for a new sporty hatchback from Acura? The designer Hondatalover has a few small requests though: the new ILX Wagon should be offered with a V6 engine and SH-AWD. If only it were possible.

Check out some of Hondatalover’s clean cut renderings in the gallery above.

[Source: Hondatalover]

4 comments on “Rendered: Acura ILX Wagon

  1. Dillon

    Thanks for sharing these, Chris! I enjoy making them. Hopefully some time soon Acura will build such a Hatch. 🙂

  2. Michael Adhi

    As much as I like a wagon over SUV, with such a dismal sales of the TSX wagon, I’m not sure about any wagon coming out from Acura again.

  3. Chris H

    This ILX render looks pretty good, but I would prefer a TLX &/or RLX wagon. Or Acura could go all in and do all three. I think in some ways the TSX sport wagon was ahead of its time, that is too many people were still in the I want an SUV mode, sadly still that way but I do think if Acura came out with a wagon today based on the 2018 TLX it would do much better than the TSX wagon did. They definitely would need to offer it with V6 and the SH-AWD. Add those with advance & or aspec package and Acura could truly have a winner. Please someone from Acura read this and make another try at the wagon. I know the TSX sport wagon didn’t do well but think that was a combo of people not enough people ready for a sport wagon and Acura made tragic mistake not offering it with V6 & SH-AWD.

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