2 comments on “Video: Walkaround with Acura TLX Lead Designer Jared Hall

  1. Alan Palmer

    Nice car, would seriously consider it, however it is missing one critical component. So, too bad you lose me as a faithful customer.

    My current TL will likely be my last unless someone at Honda / Acura realizes that those of us who are enthusiasts and enjoy a “MANUAL TRANSMISSION” that requires a third pedal on the floor will go elsewhere.

    Also, we will not only look elsewhere, but stop talking about the product because we end up finding something else that result in additional sales losses.

    If you don’t believe me, talk to some of your dealers that have no problems selling TL’s with manual transmissions.


  2. James Johnson

    Well Alan sorry to burst your manual transmission theory but I sell Acura’s and guess what, 98% of TL’s buyers want automatic transmission. When we have a manual TL it sits for a long time. Witch is not good for our inventory. So its better just to order one. Hey a secret NO body knows the New NSX is Automatic. Shh. Its a secret.


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