Josh Clymer’s 400,000 Mile Acura TSX

Josh Clymer's 2005 Acura TSX

Congratulations goes out to Josh Clymer who last week passed 400,000 miles(643,738 kilometers) in his 2005 Acura TSX. To no one’s surprise, the TSX still runs like a champ and has had very few issues over the years.

“there’s no engine swaps, rebuilds or any other major work. In fact the only problems or things I just plain wore out were the door lock actuators, serpentine belt bearing, cooling fan motor and the starter. I replaced the starter because it was starting to slow down. Meaning it took a few extra seconds to start then it used to. It still actually worked just fine. It lasted to 330,000 miles!” Josh Clymer – TSX Travels

Josh started documenting his TSX experience just last year, with the goal of eventually joining the 500,000 mile club. You can follow along on Josh’s blog TSX Travels –

Good luck on your travels Josh!

[Source: Josh Clymer – TSX Travels]

3 comments on “Josh Clymer’s 400,000 Mile Acura TSX

  1. Tyson

    Josh, it’s nice to see you getting some well-deserved recognition – you’re making the TSX (and entire Acura) community proud. Here’s to the next 100,000 trouble-free miles.


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