One comment on “Gallery: 2015 Acura TLX

  1. Mantarax

    Looks like a winner, finally. After about 11 years of floundering around, Acura has started to get their act together. From the beginning Acura was strong, with the Legend, Integra and then the fabulous NSX, the CL type S and Tl, and RSX amd TSX V6 were strong as well. In 2003 they got rid of the Cl type S (the best looking and strong running Acura non-two seater), in 2006 they dropped the NSX (monster mistake). They dropped the RSX and Type R (mistake) also a nice looking strong car. In 2008 they got rid of the TL type S (also a nice looking strong car). They replaced it with the Psychotic clown/beak front grill car, and put that grill on all their cars. What were they thinking? Obviously they were not thinking. But they started to turn things around a little wiith the ILX, and the RLX. The TLX seems to be a bigger step in the right direction, being heavily based on the latest Accord which is of course a good thing. The new NSX around the corner, if they do it right, is also in the right direction. They then need a couple strong 2 door coupes, like lexus is doing, and Infiniti and BMW and Mecedes and the rest have been doing all along. A car named CL-X, or ILX GT, RSX type R, or something like that would be great. The beak front end has been tweaked since 2010, which is good, keep on tweaking it, thinner and more subtle, the grill on the turquoise NSX is great, and having it the body colour is smart too. Things seem to be looking up for Acura.


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