Rendered: Acura TLX Type-S

Acura TLX Type-S

Acura TLX Type-S

I thought it would be fun to give the new Acura TLX a new front end, one that could give us an idea of what an aggressive Type-S variant might look like. This semi-quick render took about 4 hours, I meant to just play with the front bumper but ended up doing some last minute additions with an alternate TLX GT grille, Type-S badge, and wheels. Admittedly, the front was a bit “Audi RS” inspired. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

[Source: Acura Connected]

14 comments on “Rendered: Acura TLX Type-S

  1. John O

    This looks amazing! Acura Please Bring the TLX type S to market. A 6spd Manual, Sh-Awd, bigger brakes and better suspension with all the available packages into one Model (TYPE S)!! PLEASE!!!

  2. Vince M

    I think that looks great, but where’s the back render? Do one of that w/ quad tip exhausts. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as a Type S will go….I doubt Acura will bring this variant back to their lineup.

  3. NBP04

    Not bad at all. Love the wheels. I wonder if Acura should bring back “type-S” or come up with an entirely new name for their performance line…. if that ever comes.

  4. Darlena B.

    Where’s the manual transmission. I get frustrated every time Acura stops making this vehicle in a 6 speed manual. Not that paddle shift crap. It’s odd. Bring back the true manual and it will sell. Real drivers know the difference.

  5. Katherine

    Great discussion. My take and it has remeinad the same is that the NSX is the odd in the pond in its category. Their owners love them, but they do not appeal to the masses. Because I entered high school during the C3’s era there were still many C2s around and they came in abundance to the body shop where I worked during the summer months as the body shop owner specialized in Vettes and exotics. The C2 Stingray is a special automobile that this latest generation C7 simply should not be labeled. The C2 is special in that its styling has withstood the test of time and it has instantly recognizable charm. I compare the C2 to the Jaguar E-Type forever setting the benchmark and never being equalled; both in their day were so far ahead of the crowd in styling. I certainly would not turn away a C2 atop a C7 chassis and running gear. The C7 ZR1 will undoubtedly be done better, it simply has to be and I too am eager to see a C7 ZR1.

  6. Sam

    That looks really good I would buy that.
    I just wish ACURA would give us the 3.7 engine in the TLX with SH-AWD, a turbo and call it the TLX-R edition.
    ACURA please don’t let us down.

  7. Mantarax

    Yes, that looks good, a 2 door coupe version would be even better, maybe call it the CLXS or CLX type S or TL GT. Put the engine from the up coming NSX in it with an available 6 speed or even 9 speed standard transmission, AWD and AW steering, Maybe even more agressive styling and a reasonable price tag and it will beat the new RCF.

  8. Brien

    A Type-S of some sort must make a return to Acura. Along with that the RSX should be brought back. To only have one couple in your line up that is over 80k is crazy. I vote for a TLX Type-S and a return of the RSX and RSX Type-S.

  9. Kerry Kirby

    I like the Coupe and the S type TLX. This is a very good car that could be great but it is very underpowered. First there is only 12 horsepower difference with the Accord and 10 less than a Maxima from th base Nissan line.and considerably less than the BMW, Cadillac, Lexus and Infinitis that it competes against. Accura’ is not giving enough above the Honda it needs to be alot better powerwise. Luxary much better but power is laughable compared to the other brands and this is a great handling car why ruin it without the performance to go with it like everybody else. This car should have minimum of 310 in base. But the all wheel drive all wheel steering has the ability to be a game changer a true alternative for the high perfurmance luxary market. You put 4400 horsepower or more you have a runnaway hit that has the power to go with handling. First, the base all wheel steering should have at least 310 and the S Type needs near 400 or more with the All Wheel Drive and at least 350hp+ for the S Type front wheel drive model

  10. Kerry Kirby

    ANd leave the nine speed the 6 manual is a waste when you got dual clutch 8 and nine speeds and performs worse and gets worse gas mileage.

  11. Steve, Clarke.

    Nothing complements Honda/Acura more than Mugen also add some carbonfiber to the interior and then only then will I give up my 08 TL type-S A-spec. Let’s put the Lexus F sport on smash Honda. I’m waiting.

  12. Igor

    Looks great! Clearly a major improvement over current Acura front end. I hope someone from Acura is looking at this blog. This is the car I would definitely buy

  13. William C.

    I see and think the front facial looks to undecided. The public comment will go like this! It’s nice but, it looks like a number of other lower price sedans. Acura builds a very fine sedan. If, they want to substanually increase the total yearly sells. The TLX needs a more fluid design front, expressive rear LED lighting system.

    William C.


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