Rumor: Acura TLX Sport Variant on the Way?

Acura TLX Type-S

Could a sportier Acura TLX model be in the works? At a recent TLX review session with an Acura team that included Chief Engineer Mat Hargett, Autoweek says a TLX sport variant was mentioned:

“A sportier version of the TLX was repeatedly hinted at by Acura personnel, but there’s no saying what might be under the hood of that. Honda’s rekindled interest in forced induction raises some interesting possibilities, though. Hey, the racing version of the TLX uses a twin-turbo V6, so we can dream.”

While this could mean a number of things, if a sportier TLX or Type-S model is indeed on the way, we hope it will be based more on performance rather than cosmetic changes.

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[Source: Autoweek]

4 comments on “Rumor: Acura TLX Sport Variant on the Way?

  1. John O

    This news just made my day! Keeping my fingers crossed its a type S with Manual and AWD.

    My Wishful list is a Hybrid, 7speed Manual, Sh-AWD TLX Type S

  2. Vince M

    Agreed, it’s been too long since Acura had an enthusiast’s car. But forget the hybrid; bring the twin-turbo J35 and figure out a DCT for it along w/ a manual option. Hybrids are great for the tree huggers, but I want to hear the whistle along w/ the beautiful growl of a properly tuned V6 and exhaust combo. And if a Type S version really does come, it better not have the hidden exhaust trick; they better design a unique sport bumper w/ some quad tips.

  3. geek

    Too few people want a manual transmission car. Acura needs sales numbers greater than 30,000 (ILX volume) and the enthusiast market is small. One only has to look at what Scion tried to do to know that car companies need to appeal to what consumers are actually buying. For the last 18 months the upmarket, near luxury or premium cars are what are selling with strong profit margins for companies. Acura was smart to consolidate models, introduce a value proposition car that is refined in looks and performance. My guess is Acura will modify the TLX to appeal to the luxury buyer before the performance buyer

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