6 comments on “Rendered: Acura CLX/TLX Coupe

  1. silverTL6

    Nice…love how it fuses together the RLX and TLX character lines. Never understood why in real life these lines faded into nothingness, making the side panels where they ended super bland.

  2. George

    NO! Let challenge ACURA to push the envelop and develop a new model & something worthy of the CL-X brand.

  3. Mantarax

    Yes, I agree with all of you. that would be a vast improvement. but if they pushed even more so , that would be even better. I have a CL type S, that is still better than almost anything else on the road, an updated version of that car would be awesome. The original Legend coupe was also great. If Acura does this they will be back on the road to greatness. Beat out the Lexus RCF and the BMW 4 series and the Infiniti coupe.

  4. Dru

    Doesn’t make sense for a competive luxury brand to not have a 2 door version. It’ll be like them not having an SUV. Acura should deffienetly pursue this model regardless of the name, just keep the same concept and idea.


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