Rendered: 2018 Acura TLX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

Now that we’ve seen how the new Diamond Pentagon grille has been implemented onto the 2017 MDX, we took the current TLX into photoshop to see if we could do the same.

We sized the new grille to be similar to the existing one, adjusting the headlights and surrounding area accordingly. A simplified render with just these changes is attached in the gallery below.

At that point we had a decent render with the new grille in place, but we also wanted to see a more aggressive TLX. Luckily we created a “Type-S” TLX a few years ago and with a few minor revisions we were able to incorporate the design into our new render. So I guess you could consider this a 2018 Acura TLX with a sport package.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Source: Acura Connected]

24 comments on “Rendered: 2018 Acura TLX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

  1. jd

    It will look better if you remove the top stretching lines over the rear wheels. The car will look smoother.

    The headlights and grille don’t seem to mesh. There is a disconnect with the headlights. Work on that.

  2. Dan K

    This looks surprisingly good. The headlights and hood could use some additional styling but overall I’m really starting to like the new grille.

  3. Sasha

    JD: is this a critique on photoshop skills here or is it a look into the future styling?

    Looks good to me– great job and I think it will be a good looking car when it comes out!

  4. 07 TSX

    @Craig H

    TLX MMC should be 2018 but maybe they might do a late 2017 or early 2018 update.

  5. David

    It looks great with the new pentagon grill/emblem addition. I would love to see a TLX type S or some sort of dedicated sport sedan model from Acura. This is what I’m waiting on to buy. I’m hoping with the addition of the NSX, that Acura is indeed planning a sport sedan version in the lineup.

  6. Ron M

    It looks better, but, there is too much body color on the front end. A deeper and larger grille may help, or a lower hood-line, which may not be possible. Or LED headlights like on the Accord might give you a continuous line from the bottom of the grille to the bottom of the headlights.

  7. Ron

    This looks nice. Please we need RHD Acuras.

    Acura needs to have “genuine sport” variants. BMW has M, Lexus has F, Mercedes has AMG. Please Acura make it possible 😉 I can smell success now…… Good direction!

  8. Jim

    I think this makes for a much improved front-end styling if they go that route. As a former Acura and Honda owner, they have really left me wanting on the styling side the past two generations. I loved my ’04 TSX and TL…both with manual. Such wonderful cars.

    I would also like to see Acura revise their side styling as that line that stretches from the front wheel over the rear arch is not flattering the overall design at all. That and the interior with the double-stack screens…fussy and not very nicely executed…

    I currently own a Mazda 6 GT that is just a superb car for the money. I would love to come back to Acura in the future, but right now they have just not captured my attention enough on the styling end…or performance, for that matter…

  9. Ron R

    Great looking vehicle. I would love to see this design in production. This is a big improvement over the present front end design.

  10. T Miller

    Finally getting rid of the beak. You will sell many new vehicles because of the change. Hard to understand why it took so long

  11. Jim

    I have a 2015 TLX and love it. Would even love it more if you offered a “sport” grill with out the “beak” at no additional charge. Think about that?

  12. Mark T. Jordan

    I like the new grille treatment. But I think the “character line” along the flank is just terrible. It meanders down the side of the car like a wet noodle, and looks like a half-hearted afterthought. It’s lame and unnecessary. PLEASE, Acura, get rid of it. If you must emphasize the rear shoulder, let the line that flows from the top of the headlight flair out over the rear wheel arch and leave the side view pure.

  13. Bruce Eelman

    Liked the new grille on the MDX, and now on the TLX. I’ve never been a fan of the “beak” but this look should be adopted across the entire Acura line. Would be nice to see on all 2017 models.

  14. Ted

    Looks interesting. I think both renders are somewhat conservative, though. The bumper covers need more sculpting to reflect the Precision theme. The MDX bumper has more creases and angularity to it.

  15. Edgar Zuniga

    Much better looking car! The kind of change I have been waiting for to buy myself a TLX; not sure if I’ll be able to wait for the 2018 model though, can you make it a 2017 model?

  16. Lawrence W.

    The only reason I have not purchased an Acura before was I hated the grill with that burdensome metal shield… so, instead I bought a 2013 Honda Accord EXL for my wife. Fast forward to today… I love the new Diamond Pentagon Grill and will most likely purchase a 2018 TLX. as long as the grill is not too large. I had previously set out to buy a Lexus ES350 but my wife and I both hated that enormous grill. Way to go Acura!

  17. Mantarax

    Yes finally an end to the power beak front end. Took them a while but better late than never

  18. Zachary

    In 2004, I bought a new TLX Type S with GPS in pearl white with an ebony leather and dark ash interior. I still drive the car every day, and almost everyone who sees it offers to buy it from me, including the mechanics at the dealership where I have the car serviced.

    I drove a new SHAWD version recently and liked it except for the jerky auto stop-start system and the ugly “power plenum” beak. Hopefully the 2018 model will solve both of those problems.

  19. jay Ray

    Having the last generation type S made I have been waiting for years to buy a new acura. The 4th generation was lacking in styling in every way. The new tlx was an improvement but still the beak and the led stacked headlights don’t appeal. This rendering is nice but would like to see a change in the headlights. lower the lines over the rear wheels and add some fender flair back there.

  20. Benny

    Definately will buy if it has the new grill, visible exhaust like the new MDX, and bring back shift knob for V6 model.


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