3D Artist Renders Alternate Second-Generation NSX Design

Although overall impressions of the new NSX have been well received, a common complaint is that it didn’t stay true to the original NSX design. We just recently discovered a render from Swedish 3D artist Andreas Ezelius who posted his own NSX vision last year:

“This is my own interpretation of a new Honda/Acura NSX. My goal was to keep the original proportions of the 90s car and add my own minimalistic design to it.”– Andreas Ezelius via ArtStation

The render is more of an evolution of the original, keeping the long rear deck and overhangs while also maintaining a centered greenhouse. It actually reminds us of a first generation NSX with a refined widebody kit.

It’s a beautiful design that we think could have worked years ago as a continuation to the first NSX, but by today’s standards, it doesn’t quite present itself as a “car of the future” like the new NSX does.

See Andreas’ NSX in the full gallery below:

[Source: Andreas Ezelius via Behance]

One comment on “3D Artist Renders Alternate Second-Generation NSX Design

  1. Derek

    This is what the new NSX should have been. But obviously it was too beautiful… too inspired… had too much design-sense for a company that specializes in blandness. Acuras nowadays are nothing but Honda’s with fancy clothes. It’s sometimes startling at how little difference there is between the two line’s offerings.


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