Video: Pikes Peak “Time Attack 1” Acura NSX Launch

The Pikes Peak “Time Attack 1” Acura NSX was recorded at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack this past weekend, and although it’s hard to tell how much faster it is over a stock 2017 NSX, you can definitely hear the difference. Acura hasn’t shared too many details except that it is modified with weight reduction and a custom high-flow racing exhaust.

Check out the clip from Instagram user acceleratedphotography below:

[Source: acceleratedphotography via Instagram]

2 comments on “Video: Pikes Peak “Time Attack 1” Acura NSX Launch

  1. David

    Sounds amazing. This would probably be a sports exhaust/sound upgrade that many new NSX owners would be looking for if they offered it. The machine is just pure awesomeness from Acura! Love this next-gen version so much. Well done Acura. πŸ˜€


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