Video: Precision Crafted at the Performance Manufacturing Center

We’ve seen a lot of promotional videos for the new NSX, but this clip shown at the recent Honda NSX launch event in Japan gave us goose bumps.

The video celebrates the return of the NSX to the Japanese market, and embraces its creation at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio. You’ll want to turn the volume up for this one. Check it out below:

Update September 14, 2016: An Acura version of the video has been released, its pretty much identical except for swapped badges and a different colored NSX at the end.

[Source: Honda via YouTube, Acura via YouTube]

One comment on “Video: Precision Crafted at the Performance Manufacturing Center

  1. David G.

    I love you Acura/Honda for bringing this amazing machine back. Something to truly dream about. Owned many Hondas in my life and been lucky enough to have friends with older NSX’s and was able to experience that. This vehicle is a triumphant return in the name of performance. I finally have a reason to empty my 401k early… 😀


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