Snapshots: NSXs at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon

While you won’t typically find Acuras over at the Tokyo Auto Salon, there’s usually going to be a few NSXs on display.  So far we’ve come across two second generations NSXs making their rounds on Instagram, one from Forgiato Wheels, and another from AIMGAIN.

The lowered NSX from AIMGAIN features a new front lip and side skirts, with red or black wheels on either side:

A photo posted by Kyoei USA (@kyoeiusa) on

A photo posted by ??????? (@moimoimoai62nsx) on

Forgiato Wheels’ NSX is wrapped in gold with matching gold wheels on one side and black on the other:

A photo posted by Forgiato Wheels (@forgiato) on

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And if you’re not into the craziness, there’s also a stock white Acura NSX over at the NOBLESSE booth:

A photo posted by NOBLESSE (@noblesse_japan) on

[Source: Forgiato Wheels via Instagram]

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