Gallery: 2016 Acura CDX

Take a closer look at the Chinese-market Acura CDX with this gallery from

Acura China’s luxury compact crossover might share the same platform as the Honda HR-V, but there’s a long list of upgrades that set the two apart.

Aside from the premium Acura styling, notable features include the use of a more powerful 180 hp 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, higher quality interior materials, a head-up display system, and a Dynamic Mode dial/center console similar to the new NSX.

Check out the photos in the gallery below or see the full set on the Chinese site


7 comments on “Gallery: 2016 Acura CDX

  1. Steve Steele

    I’m an Acura salesman and we need the CDX in the United States to sell at our dealerships. Why is it available only in China. Every month Acura’s sales in US are
    declining and we are in the basement of luxury sales. We need a different variety of vehicles.

  2. Acura Parts Manager

    To Steve Steele comment

    I can’t agree more……I am an Acura parts manager and feel the same way as you do. I showed this to my rep and he feels that it would NOT sell here……..what??? Of course it would sell here. Acura makes great products but they are lacking in the styling as far as sedans go……We are getting left behind by Infiniti Lexus and BMW.
    What Acura needs is:
    Stop making the RLX… one wants it.
    Make a sporty coupe……CLX perhaps?? Everyone else has a 2 door……..
    Make a smaller performance coupe (RSX, Integra style?) and make it affordable!!!! Try to get back the younger audience that got left behind. We still have RSX customers that are upset Acura stopped making this car.
    Stop trying to BMW or Mercedes……build a stylish sedan, dont overprice it and people will buy it.

  3. Sales Manager

    Acura higher ups have no idea what Acura customers want or need… They need to speak to Dealer personnel on the front line and you two nailed it.
    Unfortunately, the higher ups at Acura don’t give a crap and things wont change. It hasn’t for 20 years…

  4. Dennis

    The transmissions in the TLX have ruined Acura’s reputation and image. Till new trannys are found, Acura is out of the picture.

  5. Steve

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments here. I keep waiting for the next model or refresh… and it’s always disappointing. How can they keep missing it? Two other areas besides what was mentioned. Better looking wheels designs and optional ones that are actually priced to be affordable. And paint! Why the lackluster choices and limited interior colors. Heck, I might actually pay extra for a fantastic color! (Meaning I might buy another Acura!)
    My 2 cents.

  6. Shawn

    Thank you all for your imput. For myself I’m just a customer that have been in love with Acura everysince the 90’s with my uncles RL. I have a ZDX myslef now and Love this car. I kn0ow it didn’t do well during its cycle into the automoblie world mainly because of the economy itself. This CDX is just what is needed now. I’m about to move over to Mazda’s CX5 not because I want to there just isn’t anything in Acura’s line up that is calling me to stay brand loyal. Its a sad day for me because I don’t like change. I hope Acura heigh ups wake up soon before they mess it up for the rest of us. I hope this new RDX does something great.

  7. Terry Harding

    I too would like to see the CDX come to the states. As a local delivery driver in Las Vedas I see what people are driving, and there seems to be a lot of the smaller suv’s being purchased.


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