Snapshots: Acura at the 2017 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Three Acuras will be blessing us with epic photos from Pikes Peak this year – an Acura NSX, the TLX GT, and a TLX A-Spec will all be competing in different classes.

Leading up to race day on Sunday, June 25th, we’ll get a glimpse of the action as photographers try to capture the cars racing up the mountain for practice and qualifying. Below are a few of our favourite shots so far.

The RealTime Racing Acura TLX-GT blurring the scenery on a practice run:

Jason Zindroski(highrevphoto) captures some front-end views of all three cars. Here we get a closer look at some of the modifications done to the TLX A-Spec to get more airflow to the engine/intercooler:

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Another look at the TLX A-Spec attacking the course:

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Glorious sunrises with the NSX:

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Summit view at the end of Practice day 2, with a background that looks like it was painted on:

A change in conditions on Friday bring rain and fog that evelop the RealTime TLX-GT:

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Early morning footage of team Acura as they prepare for Friday’s practice:

Peter Cunningham and the RealTime Racing Acura TLX-GT race toward the checkered flag for a first place finish in the Pikes Peak Open Class and second place overall:

[Source: realtimeacurahighrevphotolarry_chen_foto, speedphotosthereiffercarsjcbadcurana2nsx via Instagram]

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