Marsbase Design VF-1S NSX SEMA Build

Are you familiar with the VF-1S Valkyrie from the 80s anime Macross/Robotech? If you are, prepare yourself for a blast from the past, because the VF-1S is coming to SEMA in NSX form.

In the anime, theVF-1S Valkyrie is a piloted mecha that can transform into several modes. In one form it mimics a fighter jet, but it can also morph into a large humanoid type robot. It does not however change into anything even close to a car.

So how does one create a VF-1S themed NA2 NSX? With plenty of preparation of course! As a huge fan of the cartoon, Jhae from Marsbase Design has been planning this build for some time now, with teaser posts on his Instagram account dating back to October 2016.

We’ll get post more photos as they come in, but for now check out the teaser video for the Marsbase Design VF-1S NSX:

[Source: NA2NSX, Marsbase Design via Instagram]

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