Joshua Vides Acura NSX Sketch Illusion

With just a quick glance, you might think the above image was just a hand-drawn NSX on paper.

It’s actually a photo from Joshua Vides’ “Reality to Idea” Exhibition in LA. The 1995 Acura NSX and the entire installation is designed to look like it was sketched out with a giant sharpie pen.

“The idea is to highlight the initial sketches of ideas and concepts, bringing them to life. An ode to the napkin sketch and a reminder to not throw your ideas away,” Vides told HYPEBEAST.

And when the car leaves the studio and hits the streets, the wrap seems to maintain its illusion for a rather comical effect:

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For more photos visit – A Look Inside Joshua Vides’ “Reality to Idea” Exhibition in LA.

[Source: HYPEBEASTJoshua Vides via Instagram]

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