Snapshots: Acura TLX A-Spec Conversion

Ever wonder what it would take to convert a standard TLX to an A-Spec model? Randy Rodriguez did exactly that, he took a 2015-2017 TLX SH-AWD and converted it to a near-perfect 2018-2019 TLX A-Spec.

The list of swapped parts include: hood, front fenders, grille, head lights(w/12 pin connector), rear bumper, rear diffuser, exhaust(custom) and wheels. The only thing missing are the side skirts which are coming soon!

Randy said the entire process took about 2 weeks. Check out the transformation photos below:

[Source: Randy Rodriguez via Facebook]

2 comments on “Snapshots: Acura TLX A-Spec Conversion

  1. James Larkin

    Does the aspec rear bumper from a 2018 tlx bolt directly on to a 2015 tlx? Do the sensors all fit? Where did you purchase the aspec rear bumper?

  2. Gabriel Vlk

    Hi there

    Could you tell me where do you buy the hood and fenders? Please


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