Gallery: NSX WestFest 2019

A gorgeous day cruising in an NSX-T through the Valley of Fire State Park – not a bad way to experience my first NSX WestFest! Under a cloudless blue sky, Saturday’s group drive began at the Gold Coast hotel in Las Vegas, and brought us into the Valley of Fire State Park for a stop at the White Domes trailhead for a group photo.

Alan K was kind enough to give me a ride in his silver NSX-T for the day, and naturally the targa came off for the occasion. It was my first time in this area, and the bright right red sandstone formations that the state park was named after did not disappoint!

Check out a few shots from the group drive, as well as a few photos courtesy May Lee. Thanks again to the NSX WestFest team for having me!

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[Source: Chris Tobias/Acura Connected]

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