650 hp NSX Type R Coming to Tokyo Motor Show?

NSX Type R rumors come and go, but a more credible source, forbes.com, has stated the anticipated model will finally debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show in October.

Here’s what Forbes’ Peter Lyon is reporting:

“Modifications for the Type R include a power boost to 650 hp, stiffer uprated suspension and stabilizers and bigger carbon-ceramic brakes while the coupe will be fitted with aeroparts like a rear wing and front splitter inspired by Honda’s NSX-GT race car which competes in Japan’s Super GT championships. What is still not clear however, is whether the Type R will retain the NSX’s controversial SH-AWD system.” – Peter Lyon, Forbes

If true, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Acura version debuted at an earlier date in North America.

Read the full post at forbes.com – Hot 650hp Type R Flagship Model To Be Added To Acura NSX Lineup

[Source: Forbes.com]

2 comments on “650 hp NSX Type R Coming to Tokyo Motor Show?

  1. J Griffin

    I loved mine and drove it until I knew it was time to go. While I love my Porsche. NOTHING handled or was styled as good as the NSX. Now, if they add a bit more leg room to accommodate The taller American motorists their sales will soar!


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