Custom Grilles for the 2015-2017 Acura TLX

The Acura “beak” went out with the 2017 TLX, replaced with the new diamond pentagon grille for the 2018 model year. Now for those 2015-2017 TLX owners who might also want to “delete the beak”, these may be some options to consider.

TLX owner Randy(boss02126 on Instagram) created two custom grilles – one is based on the RealTime Racing Acura TLX-GT, and the other has an updated look mimicking the 2018 grille. The grilles still retain the same overall “V” shape, and according to Randy, are easy to swap in.

Follow Randy on Instagram for more updates and inquires: boss02126

[Source: boss02126 via Instagram]

29 comments on “Custom Grilles for the 2015-2017 Acura TLX

  1. Christi riley

    I am interested in getting this grill for my 2016 TLX. Can you please send me some information to do this? Thanks so much!

  2. Matt

    I would love to get the diamond grill for my 2015 tlx. Can you please send me pricing and installation instructions. Thanks

  3. Tony

    Pls email me, I am very interested in purchasing a grill. Can you please send us information where and how to purchase

  4. Robert

    I have a 2017 tlx sh awd. Would love this grill. Can you email me how to buy and how much it will cost.

  5. Cliff

    I’m interested. Would you send me info for a replacement grill. I have a ‘15 2.4 TLX. Thanks.

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