Custom Grilles for the 2016-2018 Acura RDX

Check out the latest Acura model to #deletethebeak. @thachadwick has some fresh photos of his second-generation RDX with a new grille created by @boss02126. This custom grille is unique because it uses the honeycomb mesh rather than the diamond pattern seen on current Acura models. It’s a pretty good fit, and the “wide-open” look seems to add a nice sporty touch. 

Randy(@boss02126) tells us the grille was specifically made for the 2016-2018 RDX, but seeing how similar it is to the 2013-2015 model, it’s definitely possible to make a version for those model years.

[Source: @thachadwick via Instagram]

24 comments on “Custom Grilles for the 2016-2018 Acura RDX


    Great grille. Where and who can I buy it from? Also, @thachadwick, I like your wheels, where did you buy them?


  2. Troy

    Can you give me more information on where I could get a grill like this for a 2018 RDX?

  3. Jonathan

    I like the look of this grill. Can you let me know the pricing and availability?

  4. Ab Samoy

    Love the look! Would you mind sharing cost and who to contact as I definitely want to pursue this type of upgrade?

  5. Kevin Jayasuriya

    Love to get a black comb grill for my 2017 Acura RDX. What I the cost for that.

  6. Val


    I am interested on that grille. Please Contact me to know more details about it. Thanks.

  7. Dennis J Gonzalez

    I’m guessing no one else has had luck acquiring one of these.

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