Third-Generation Acura MDX “Delete the Beak” Grille

The “Delete the Beak” movement has been around for some time now, and we’ve seen multiple Acura models with some sort of interpretation of the trend. One I haven’t seen until just recently was a variation on the third-generation MDX, which had the “beak” through the 2014 to 2016 model years.

John Wong sent us some fresh photos of the new custom grille he crafted and installed using a combination of parts from the 2014-16 and 2022 grilles. It looks pretty damn good to my eyes, perfectly fitted and cleanly executed.

John tells me he’s the second MDX owner in New Jersey to swap the grille on a third-generation MDX, finishing his just a few months after DjCarlos Sigua completed his. I scoped out the photos, and both examples look amazing.

John says it took him approximately 15 hours to complete, and that he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they’re handy with a Dremel. So before you ask, the answer is no, he won’t be creating any for sale!

He did however provide a list of parts used, in case you are bold enough to attempt it on your own:

  • 75101-TZ5-A03 (14-16 Front grille)
  • 75105-TZ5-A02 (14-16 Grille surround) – these parts you can skip if you want to use your original one. I bought them in case I screwed up and didn’t want to drive around with no grille at all.
  • 71121-TYA-A20 (22 MDX Grille)
  • 71125-TYA-A01 (22 MDX emblem/radar cover)
  • 71123-TYA-A00 (22 MDX air guide – optional, but looks a lot cleaner with it)
  • Misc items: Matte Black 3M wrap, Black JBWeld plastic epoxy, black double sided tape, Dupli color universal flat black touch up paint, Dremel with plenty of plastic cut off wheels.

[Source: John Wong – @5boro.dailo]

2 comments on “Third-Generation Acura MDX “Delete the Beak” Grille

  1. Arielis

    I have a Honda MDX 2014 and I don’t like the front grill. Do you do any transformation on the grills. Would you able to change the grill just like the picture you have on this page of the white one?

  2. Sebastian

    Beautiful work! I am planning to attempt the same on my 2016 MDX. Did you have to glue the new grill to the surrounding shell and how well it’s holding up? Also, does this mod affect any of the sensors?


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