Jon Sibal Renders an Integra Type S Coupe

Before the actual reveal, Digital Artist Jon Sibal impressed us all with his renders of the 2024 Acura Integra Type S. Aside from a few details, he pretty much nailed the design just by analyzing the prototype. Now that we’ve all seen the production Acura Integra Type S, Jon has decided to give us another treat: his version of an Acura Integra Type S coupe!

By popular demand, here’s how the new Integra Type S might’ve looked like as a 2-door coupe. and no, I just didn’t modify a Genesis lol I thought to recreate @teamfred ‘s infamous RSX Type S back in the Jtuned era in that Gold body on CE28N complete with visors – Jon Sibal

Don’t get too excited though, as good as this looks, there are no plans from Acura to build one!

[Source: Jon Sibal via Instagram]

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