Gallery: 2023 Acura Integra Front Splitter Options

I still find it odd that Acura doesn’t offer some sort of front lip or front spoiler as an OEM option for the fifth generation(DE4) Integra. There’s an optional side underbody spoiler and rear diffuser, but no additional add-ons up front to further enhance its styling. Heck even the current generation MDX offers a front trim accessory.

Not surprisingly, owners have already been seeking out third-party front splitters/lips to fit their 2023 Integras. Here are a few we’ve seen so far.

Front splitter from Artwork Bodyshop:

Front splitter from SFactor Fabrication on @o.cashh‘s Integra:

Front lip and rear wing from Epsilon+ Aerodynamics:

EZ Lip front splitter on @1to_integra‘s Integra:

Front splitter on @integra_5thgen‘s Integra:

Front lip splitter on @apexintegra‘s Integra:

Custom front lip splitter on @naseef.din‘s Integra:

[Source: Artwork Bodyshop, @1to_integra, @integra_5thgen, @apexintegra, @naseef.din]

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