What if the 2024 TLX looked more like the Type S Concept?

I think Acura did an amazing job with the second-generation TLX design, but when I compare it to the Type S concept from which it evolved from, there was one detail I felt they should have kept.

The Type S concept had forged carbon elements throughout the car, and I think the accents on the front bumper was a subtle yet important design feature. So what would the 2024 TLX look like with those black accents? Take a look at the before and after:

Starting with a TLX Type S PMC Edition, I photoshopped the new frameless grille and the forged carbon elements from the Type S Concept. It really isn’t that much of a change, I’d say more of an enhancement. But I do think it adds an aggressive flair and the perception of extra width. What do you think, hot or not?

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