Video: Acura TLX Type S vs Ford Mustang GT Drag Race & Roll Race!

An odd matchup but an interesting one nonetheless, The Fast Lane Car pits a new Urban Gray 2024 Acura TLX Type S against a 2014 Ford Mustang GT. Yes, the Mustang is 10 years older, but it does have a power and weight advantage with its 420 hp 5.0L V8 and a curb weight of 3,602 lb. The TLX Type S however has SH-AWD and a 10-speed automatic transmission, paired with the 355 hp 3.0L Turbo V6.

There’s also a bonus race against another unlikely competitor, a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Find out how the TLX Type S fares in the video below:

[Source: The Fast Lane Car via YouTube]

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