Acura Announces Integra Convertible

Acura Integra Cabriolet | Theottle

The two-door Integra you asked for is on its way, and you’ll be able to enjoy it with or without a roof. Acura today announced the coming of their first convertible model: the Acura Integra Convertible.

The new droptop variant will bring an “exhilarating open-air experience to the Integra lineup”, says Acura.

With the announcement, Acura also provided a first look at the upcoming soft-top Integra. Shown in Liquid Carbon Metallic, the Integra Convertible revealed itself with its top down and a reworked two-door body style. Aside from those rather substantial changes, the front and rear styling remains unchanged from its hardtop 4-door liftback counterpart. 

Acura Integra Cabriolet | Theottle

Acura says the Integra Convertible will launch in late 2024 as a 2025 model, but hasn’t disclosed any info regarding engine or drivetrain specifications. Stay tuned for additional details in the upcoming months.

What do you think of the new Acura Integra Convertible?

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21 comments on “Acura Announces Integra Convertible

    • Dennis Volpe

      I leased 6 acura tlx/tl in a row
      Great cars at a reasonable price. Now they want 50k for an Aspec Tlx up from $44,500. Acura products are great but they dont command Mercedes prices. And for the Integra coupe? Its not going to sell big in the US. And Im sure they will be asking at least 45k for it with an Aspec badge. Kia SUV’s seem to be nice looking vehicles that you can get loaded for a reasonable price.

  1. Olmedo Correa

    Why not bring back an updated S2000 with a Acura badge? That 2 seater convertible would compete with Porsche, BMW and Mercedes convertibles. Honda is one of the big boys in formula 1 and should apply it here.

    • Anthony

      Kia is not on Acura’s level. They look nice but they aren’t as reliable as Acuras or have the reputation. You get what you pay for. If you want an excellent car, you buy an Acura. If you just want something to drive for less, you buy a Kia. I would never buy a Kia.

      • Juan

        I wonder what kind of motor will come with a full electric or hibrido or gas’s. Is is full gas I am interested or hibry but full electric I am not peeped for it yet. Had Acura MDX best car I had ever buy in the USA. Nothing better then Acura can’t compared an Acura with a Chinese made parts with a Japan signature.

    • Jayden

      I am hoping for a convertible hardtop!!!! Not caring much for soft top… if your bringing something like the integra back at least make it futuristic and hot looking …

  2. Kat Baker

    Waiting for sport civic Honda to go topless-
    I have Mercedes convertible and love it but think Honda could rock the market with style/price-will ck out Acura

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