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Colin Sato of recently shared his insights on what’s in store for Acura in 2012.

His predictions include the addition of a Special Edition(SE) trim level for the 2012 TSX and confirmation of a new sub-TSX model with a possible hybrid option.

Here are the full details for each model:

The 2012 TL: The refreshed and revised 2012 TL arrived earlier this year and other than some color changes, this car will continue as is. Discontinued are Mayan Bronze Metallic and Forged Silver Metallic. Mayan Bronze never really caught on and Forged Silver (which was really a light blue) has been replaced by a proper Silver.

The 2012 RDX: Once production starts to ramp up we should receive 2012 cars. In this, the last model year for this body style no changes are expected and I expect to see them start hitting the store in September or October.

The 2012 ZDX: The “redheaded stepchild” of the lineup enters 2012 with no real changes. It’s really too bad. This “Coupe-UV” breaks a lot of new ground and hopefully things like the “monolithic dashboard”, “deep draw” body panels, and leather wrapped dashboard find their way into our other product.

The 2012 TSX: our most popular sedan enters 2012 with a new trim level. The TSX Special Edition (SE) will offer a dressed up interior, including; black leather seats with red stitching, red interior lighting, aluminum pedals, and an all-black headliner. The existing rims will have a darker finish, probably similar to what we see on the top trim levels of our other cars. Acura also describes ‘sporty exterior styling’ but it’s not clear if this just their ‘normal’ descriptor for this vehicle or if there is a body kit or different side skirts planned.

At launch, the only way to get the six speed manual transmission in the TSX will be to go with the new Special Edition. At this point it is not known whether non-SE trim levels will get the manual transmission later or if Navi will be added to the SE order list later in the year. This means that if you want navigation and a six speed manual, a 2011 could be the way to go. The new TSX SE will be available in white, black, a true silver (no longer Forged Silver), and for the first time in many years, a true red.

The 2012 MDX: No changes are expected for Acura’s most popular model for 2012. As a carryover, expect the new models to arrive in November or December.

The Sub-TSX: This will be an all-new model in the Acura lineup. The prototype will be shown to Acura dealer principals in December and the sedan should hit showrooms in April. Acura has been very tight lipped about this vehicle, but we expect a compact sedan powered by a four-cylinder engine with a hybrid option available.

Colin also goes on to share his thoughts on the Acura lineup for 2013 and beyond so head over to for the full scoop.

[Source: satoauto]

3 comments on “Acura 2012 Predictions from Satoauto

  1. JERRY

    I’m getting anxious to see the next generation of Acuras in 2013+. They need need to improve the exterior design of the RDX and make it look more like a mini MDX. Though I don’t mind the grille of the current MDX, I htink they should still tone it down a bit like the TL and TSX.

  2. Trung

    I might consider the RDX if it was a little bigger. Though they would have to up the power with a V6 which would bring it closer to MDX territory. It needs a more aggressive exterior, it currently looks a bit like a chick car.

  3. Darren

    What about a 6-speed automatic for the TSX?? I heard rumors of one.. they are WAY past due for it…. I’ll be really disappointed if they stick with the old 5 speed.


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