Vossen Wheels Acura ZDX Photo Gallery

Vossen Wheels Acura ZDX

Photographer and Honda/Acura enthusiast John Bazay’s stealthy black Acura ZDX was featured in this recent photoshoot for Vossen Wheels

Equipped with Vossen’s 22×10.5 Matte Black VVSCV1 wheels, a “blacked out” grille, Acura Sport Running Boards and tinted windows; this is definitely one of the meanest Acura ZDXs I’ve ever seen. 

Check out John Bazay’s Acura ZDX photos in the gallery below or head over to www.vossenwheels.com for more info. 

[Source: John Bazay, Vossen Wheels

2 comments on “Vossen Wheels Acura ZDX Photo Gallery

  1. Ryann

    This is sick! Acura should offer this as a factory package. Dont think I could afford it though lol

  2. Brandon

    Love the blacked-out grille. I have one at my dealership with the same wheels but the headlights and tailights are blacked-out…. Still pretty sick…… I would def drive one


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