A Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles

Drive to Five - Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles

How far have you travelled with your Acura? We all know Hondas and Acuras have the reputation for going the distance, and this 1994 Acura Legend LS coupe is definitely no exception.

Taking the keys on March 26, 2003, Tyson Hugie’s Acura Legend read 95,000 miles on it’s odometer. Now over 8 years later Tyson and his Legend have tallied approximately 400,000+ miles, bringing his current total to 497,871 miles; just a few thousand short of his website goal of 500,000 miles(804,700 kilometers).

Here’s a bit of info on Tyson’s Acura Legend:

“I can say with certainty that this car is on its original engine, transmission, and clutch. The suspension is as it left the factory in Japan. Same with the exhaust system. The axles are original but with new boots. The car has had 142 (documented!) oil changes over its lifetime so far, gone through 4 windshields, and had 5 different timing belts & water pumps at the recommended ~90k mile change interval.

The Legend got me through 3 college degrees and has lived at 6 different houses. It’s been off-roaded, bottomed out, hauled hitchhikers, stuck in the snow, road raced twice in a 100-mile open road race called the Bonneville 100 in northern Nevada at over 100 mph, thrashed an autocross track in Springfield, Missouri, and dyno tested at 414,000 miles in St. George, Utah. After all that abuse, it’s only been towed one time — when the original fuel pump died at around 399,750 miles on the 101 freeway, just a mile from my home in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’d trust this old clunker across the country tomorrow.” – Tyson Hugie

How’s that for going the distance? Head over to Tyson Hugie’s blog: Drive to Five, and read up on some of his past, present and future adventures as he and his Acura Legend close in on half a million miles.

[Source: Drive to Five – Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles]

3 comments on “A Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles

  1. Jeremy Stoker

    I have personally seen and driven this car and can vouch for the originality of this legendary automobile! Acura sure knows how to build a car that will last forever if it is properly cared for and maintained! With only 1200 miles on my 2011 TSX Sport Wagon, I have a long way to go! Only I will be going wherever I go with my roof rack installed and skis, bike, and kayak not too far away!

  2. Jay

    Wow. My sister used to have a late 90s accord with about 300,00 kms and we though that was crazy. It would start no problem in -25C weather and she drove it a whole year while the check engine light was on lol. Someone crashed into it while it was parked and it was written off though.

  3. Romel

    A Truly Legendary Legacy what Acura achived during the 90’s. My 1991 Legend coupe hit the 250,000 miles mark the last spring after a 2000 mi weekend road tour with my girlfriend between Napa Valley, Yosemite Nat. Park and Las Vegas. With a well maintainance, the car really perform nice over road even after 20 years. In the 3 years of been owner of this car, minor changes were done: the radiator and the speed sensor.


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