More NSX Successor Rumors

Acura Rumors

The new NSX rumors keep coming, but there’s still nothing that I would consider concrete or confirmed.

So far in October we’ve had two batches of rumors, one spawning from Peter Lyon of MotorTrend/AutoExpress on the 5th, and the other from which posted the story today. With headlines like “Honda NSX returns” and “New Honda NSX confirmed” I’m not surprised to see so many websites rehashing the story.

Both sources claim the new NSX Successor would be a hybrid, even suggesting a new concept may be shown at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show in December. The price? “Under $100,000 – a sticker price designed to rival that of the Nissan GT-R.”

Fact or fiction? You decide.

[Source: MotorTrend, AutoExpress,]

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