Acura Ranked Third in Consumer Reports 2011 Reliability

2011 Acura MDX

Acura retains its respectable third place ranking in Consumer Reports’ 2011 Annual Car Reliability Survey. Scion again tops this year’s list at number one, with Lexus bumping Porsche for the second position. Mazda, Honda and Toyota round out the top six spots in that respective order. The 2011 survey ranked a total of 28 major car makes from America, Europe and Asia.

“Reliability methodology

Findings are based on responses on 1.3 million vehicles owned or leased by subscribers to Consumer Reports or Conducted by Consumer Reports’ National Survey Research Center, the survey covers model years 2002 to 2011

Consumer Reports’ expert team of statisticians and automotive engineers used the survey data to predict reliability of new 2012 models. Predicted reliability is Consumer Reports’ forecast of how well models currently on sale are likely to hold up. To calculate predicted-reliability ratings, CR averages the overall reliability scores (used car verdicts) for the most recent three model years, provided that the model remained unchanged in that period and also didn’t substantially change for 2012. If a model was new or redesigned in the past couple of years, one or two years’ data may be used, or if that’s all that’s available. On rare occasions, Consumer Reports makes predictions for a newly redesigned model, but only if previous versions had outstanding reliability.” – Consumer Reports

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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