John Bazay’s Stealth Black Acura ZDX

John Bazay’s Acura ZDX

This Crystal Black Pearl Acura ZDX may be stealthy, but it’s guaranteed to turn heads. Ever since I came across John Bazay’s ZDX in a Vossen Wheels photo gallery, its unique styling has left a lasting impression.

If the lines of the Acura ZDX weren’t already mesmerizing enough, John takes it a step further with the addition of 22 inch wheels, tinted windows and a modified front grille.

In John’s latest update he swapped out the stock springs to lower the ZDX for a more responsive ride and a sportier look. Check out the gallery below for more of John’s ZDX from a recent photoshoot.

[Source: John Bazay]

14 comments on “John Bazay’s Stealth Black Acura ZDX

  1. Michael Adhi

    Absolutely loving it! This is how Acura should roll out the ZDX off the production line. Sleek, low slung, and lots of characters. The bumper chrome linings are perfect, the wheels are perfect, just amazing work.

    I’m no fan of the elongated overhang, but with the new low slung looks, it kind of works… Again, amazing work.

  2. ReDoAcura

    my bad, meant to type MEZMORIZING. sorry. Was in the Honda/Acura business 23 years. Man, have they lost their way. the cars look horrible and offer no technological advantage.

  3. Derek Jackson

    your zdx is the besy Ive ever seen…i have one as well in white…can u tell me ur exact offset that u did for the front and rear…i read in one of ur blogs that you shaved the wheels a liltle higher…jus want to know the end result as far as exact offsets…thanks

  4. John

    Thanks Derek,
    The front and rear are all the same size 22×10.5 with a +38 offset machined to a +43 offset to get it perfectly flush. I have never had any issues with rubbing also.

    Thanks for all the kind words people!

  5. Eligio

    Can you provide me with the complete info on the wheels and tires i would like to purchsse a set of wheels for my zdx where can i purchase a set thanks.

  6. Rahn

    Outstanding. I also have a Black ZDX and was also considering blacking out the front when I first bought it, and because of these photos I now know what wheels to get however they seem to be unavailable at the moment, told I have to wait until late October. Curious as to how much lower it is now and what springs you went with.

  7. David Burke

    Hi John,
    Really nice set up on your ZDX.
    I just bought my own ZDX and ordered the CV1 Vossen wheels in 22″ x 10.5″ and 285x35x22 tires.
    Did you actually lower your ZDX as well, and if so, are there aftermarket springs out there? (I couldn’t find any)
    Any rubbing issues?
    Thanks for any help!

  8. AudiUSP

    Realize this is an old post, but anyone know how this ZDX was lowered? Been doing research and so far come up with possible use of coil overs for MDX or lowering springs for the Odyssey… just wondering if anyone can confirm? This ZDX has inspired me to get one, but only if I can lower it like this. THANKS!


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