A Legendary Feat – 500,000 Miles Reached

Drive to Five – Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles

Road trips are pretty common for Tyson Hugie and his 1994 Acura Legend, but today this one was a little more special.

Driving in from Phoenix Arizona, Tyson reached Torrance California where he timed a “milestone” roll-over for his arrival at Acura’s headquarters. Greeted with a red carpet, Tyson’s family, friends and Acura enthusiasts where all present to celebrate his 500,000 mile achievement. Congrats goes out to Tyson and his 1994 Acura Legend for completing a “Legendary Quest“.

Where will he go from here? I hope to hear from Tyson soon, and bring you more photos and video from today’s festivities. For now enjoy a few photos courtesy of Acura_Insider.

[Source: Drive to Five – Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles, Acura_Insider]

9 comments on “A Legendary Feat – 500,000 Miles Reached

  1. Daryl

    Congrats! Cant say I’m surprised tho, Acuras are built like tanks! They will go forever lol

  2. Geoffrey

    Awesome! Good job on the blog and sharing your travels. Maybe if you get to a million they will give you a new Acura RL! 🙂

  3. Tia Astle

    Just a shout out here to all the Acura enthusiasts who supported Tyson, whether there in person or from afar. You are definitely part of the family! What a pleasure to meet some of you yesterday! Ride on!

  4. Jeremy Stoker

    What an amazing event! Congrats Tyson.. you have proven what Acura and Honda have claimed…

  5. Chad Kolumber

    Was all this driven with the same engine or was there modifications or new engine nd transmission??

  6. Leo

    makes sense to me… I have my 1994 legend still with everything original on the drive-train and 243,000 miles… still drives pretty much like the day I rolled out of the dealership in January 1994… even a slight slip I felt late last year is going away now…. only thing replaced to date is the water pump and timing belt last year (timing belt looked new with no visible wear when they removed it at 235,000 miles)… and I still get the 20-27 miles per gallon I got since day one

  7. Elton

    I have a 1997 Acura 3.5RL with the original engine and Auto transmission at 286,200 miles on it. I have owned this car 4 years bought in 2008 with 218,000 miles on it. currently still going and runs great in Ca.

    I have the replace the following w/ dealer orignal parts
    Egr Valve $300
    intake manifold cleaning for check engine code po401 $200
    4 Original shocks (oem) and at the dealer ( Parts and laber $700
    Two rear power windows regulator $300

    One New CV-Axle Pass. Side at (251,631) Parts Only $70

    Charcoal Canister, solenoid and three-way Joint (All OEM Parts) (269,617) (Parts Only)
    code 1457 exam, $50, indicated canister and/or solenoid would be the problem $307.09

    and many more
    If you take good care it you hit 300,000 miles for sure

  8. Chen

    Congrats Tyson, great to find these articles & videos on Acura website, and very impressed to see your meticulous blog! I currently own a 1994 Legend GS sedan 4 speed with 138,000 miles and a 1994 Legend GS sedan 6 speed manual with 97,000 miles, both in absolutely great condition inside out. No modifications, all original, and not even rip in leather. Such elegant looking cars, I still haven’t seen new cars out there with this kind of built quality and timeless design. I have other cars, but these Legends are absolutely my favorite road trip cars!!


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