RDX, NSX, ILX Now Featured on acura.com

Acura ILX Concept

The RDX Prototype, ILX Concept and NSX Concept are now featured on the Future Vehicles section of www.acura.com. The series of slides offer some different angles and lighting, along with a few notes on the philosophy behind each model.

See the full presentation at www.acura.com.

[Source: Acura]

3 comments on “RDX, NSX, ILX Now Featured on acura.com

  1. Luc richard

    Has it been confirmed that the ILX will replace both AND the TSX? It doesn’t look big or powerful enough to replace both?

  2. Chris

    @Luc richard

    Hi Luc,

    When asked whether the TSX was going to be discontinued, an Acura rep told me that currently there were no plans to remove it from the lineup. That’s how it stands at least for now.


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