Flashback Friday: Acura – Engineering Passion

Ask me what my all-time favourite Honda commercial is, I’d tell you it’s the 2:31 minute long epic, Impossible Dream v2. My all-time favourite Acura commercial? The honour would go to “Acura – Engineering Passion”.

To be honest I don’t know too much about the “Engineering Passion” spot, but YouTube users place it in or around the year 1999. It came in two forms, a shortened 30-second version, and a full 1-minute version which was used as an intro for the unveiling of the second generation Acura CL.

Using the song “Instrumental” by Galaxie 500 as a soundtrack, the commercial spliced together the perfect collection of visual clips and combined it with an absolutely brilliant script to truly capture the essence of Acura. It’s quite inspiring actually, and I’d love to see this spot brought back and updated similar to the way they did with Impossible Dream v2.

“This is our art. We sculpt in metal. Paint in g-forces. Compose in millimetres. You won’t find our work in museums. For we are artists of the streets. Our art places form and harmony with function. Invigorates heart and mind. Moves body and soul. Cars are our passion. Engineering is our art. Acura.”

See both versions of this masterpiece below:

One comment on “Flashback Friday: Acura – Engineering Passion

  1. NBP04

    Awesome commercial. Then need to bring the passion and art back to today’s Acuras. Hopefully the new Earth Dreams and SH-AWD will help.


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