Sky Nguyen’s Supercharged 2004 Acura NSX

Sky Nguyen's 2004 Acura NSX

If you could look beyond its handsome exterior, you’d find that this NSX is both a beauty and a beast. Perfecting the balance of form and function, Sky Nguyen’s 2004 Acura NSX sports an arsenal of cosmetic and performance mods which include NSX-R upgrades, a stroker engine, and a supercharger kit just to name a few.

Enjoy some gorgeous shots which come courtesy of OJS Design and Source 1 Automotive, and pick up May’s edition of Honda Tuning Magazine for the full feature.

[Source: OJS DesignSource 1 Automotive]

6 comments on “Sky Nguyen’s Supercharged 2004 Acura NSX

  1. 02nsX#201

    Beauty…same Volks I have. Just got mine 6 months ago. Had to get my new daily before starting project NSX. What supercharger? Stock bottom end? How many lbs? I was thinking pro.charger or Vortech but yours looks amazing
    ! I’d love to get in touch w you and pick your brain, Let me know thank you

  2. 02nsX#201

    ***Edit: I zoomed in the pic and saw Kenne Bell but went to their website and saw applications for domestic brands. Was yours custom? Sorry so many questions but so many different suggestions and ways to go. Definitely want to supercharge though. Once again. Would love to talk to u privately.

  3. eugene

    Can someone have sky nguyen contact me because I want ti make an offer for his nsx the number is 9787359860 hecan ask for gene and we can go from there. Name a price!


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