Flashback Friday: Acura NSX in Fast & Furious

Whether you love, or love to hate the Fast & Furious series, its ongoing success has made sure the films just keep on coming. The sixth installment of the franchise titled Fast & Furious 6 hits North American theatres today, and with it comes all the adrenaline, all the characters, and of course all the cars you’ve come to expect from a Fast & Furious movie.

A handful of Acuras have appeared in the series’ 12-year run, but arguably everyone’s favorite has to be the black Honda-badged Acura NSX driven by Jordana Brewster’s character Mia. In an action sequence that transitions from the final scene of 2009’s Fast & Furious, and over to the opening of 2011’s Fast Five, Mia skillfully pilots the NSX alongside two other vehicles in an attempt to free her brother Dom from a transport bus.

The actual car used in the scene is a 2003 Acura NSX-T owned by Vance Hu, and although it may look like a regular NSX to the untrained eye, it’s actually a heavily modified mimic of a NSX-R model.

Check out the NSX’s silver screen cameo in the clip from 2011’s Fast Five below:

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