Gallery: NSX Concept in Gran Turismo 6

NSX Concept - Gran Turismo 6

The “photo mode” first debuted in Gran Turismo 4 allowing players to take a break from the driving and become a virtual automotive photographer. It gave players a chance to shoot their dream cars in iconic locations with complete creative control over the camera.

Along with last year’s release of Gran Turismo 6 came the opportunity to not only drive, but to photograph the many angles of the NSX Concept. A quick search for the NSX Concept on Flickr resulted in some pretty spectacular user uploads from the game. Check out a few of my favorites in the gallery below.

[Source: jereswinnen, Snake206 GT6 photos, Ronin_GTAndy36 via Flickr]

2 comments on “Gallery: NSX Concept in Gran Turismo 6

  1. silverTL6

    Interesting that it’s available as both a Honda and Acura…unless the re-badging is a result of user mods.


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