Video: Acura “Oh What Fun It Is To Drive” Event

Acura "Oh What Fun It Is To Drive" Event

“Who needs a one-horse open sleigh when you can enjoy the season traveling in style and having a blast in a luxurious new Acura. Learn more about the savings being offered on Acura vehicles during the “Oh What Fun It Is To Drive Event” at

The song featured in the ad is “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” performed by Julian Casablancas.

[Source: Acura via YouTube]

2 comments on “Video: Acura “Oh What Fun It Is To Drive” Event

  1. Acura69

    The fact that the RLX is no where to be seen says a lot. They only have 5 vehicles & still could not be bothered to place it anywhere in the ad? Acura never seemed committed to the car – even at launch. Hopefully the rumors of a 2016 MMC are true.

  2. silverTL6

    On top of that, they used the base models of the TLX (4-cyl wheels, no awd badge), RDX (no fogs, no awd badge), and MDX (no sh-awd badge) in the commercial. You would think they’d showcase the best models they have but apparently not…


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