New Acura Crossover to be Named CDX?

A recent trademark filing by Honda suggests a future Acura crossover could be named the “CDX”.

Based on Acura’s current nomenclature, the “DX” suffix would signify a crossover vehicle, likely an entry-level model below the RDX and MDX.

Recent articles have mentioned Acura’s interest in a small crossover model based on the same platform as the new Honda HR-V/Vezel, and if you consider that Acura debuted the SUV-X Concept in 2013, I’d say an Acura “CDX” could be coming very soon.

[Source: AutoGuide]

2 comments on “New Acura Crossover to be Named CDX?

  1. Sean

    Why CDX? Naming it CDX would make things confusing, plus CDX sounds like the abbreviation of the a base model Civic DX. I think IDX would make more sense as this will be Acura’s entry level crossover and their entry level car is named ILX.

  2. NBP04


    Naming it IDX might confuse people too since it sounds so much like ILX! CDX probably works best out of the remaining alphabet letters.


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