Autoweek Test Drives the Acura TLX GT

It’s not often that we see a review on a 600-hp Acura, but that’s exactly what Autoweek Editor Jake Lingeman provides after a few laps with the Acura TLX GT at GingerMan Raceway. As it turns out, piloting a race car, even an all-wheel drive like the TLX GT, isn’t as easy as some may think:

“It took skill even to keep the car straight. The TLX GT wiggled on hard acceleration, and weaved too; we had to counter with the steering wheel constantly. It must have looked a little like a drunk taking the family truckster out for a Sunday drive.” – Jake Lingeman, Autoweek

Get the full story on – Race car review: We put the Acura TLX GT to the Test.

[Source: Autoweek]

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